Friday Recap

For dd: 

Math  We have finished a few more lessons in her Singapore Earlybird book.  She loves using her number stamps since she cannot yet write her numbers and I don’t particularly care for the way Singapore writes the number 4.  We have also done a few pages from the Cuisenaire Alphabet book – this resource came recommended from the Well Trained Mind forums, but I don’t think it is that great.  My dd likes making some of the pictures with the rods, but it is not very engaging.

LA  We have started reviewing the phonogram cards in the All About Spelling program.  My dd knows most of these already, but still needs to brush up on all of the sounds that vowels can make.  I really am not sure what to do with her reading instruction.  She does not seem to enjoy learning word families, but she is definitely ready to read (hence my foray into using AAS to help her with her reading).

For me:

TOG  I am currently in the period of ancient Rome.  I finished a biography of Julius Caesar which I thoroughly enjoyed and I have started The Aeneid.

LA  Read through half of Grammar Island and Sentence Island.  Waiting on my new copy of Grammar Island.


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