Download N Go – Expedition Australia Review

This is a review for the second free product that I received as part of the tryout for the homeschool crew.  Once again, download was super easy and without problems.  Each e-book in the Download N Go series provides a week of study (5 daily lessons) on a particular topic with lapbook components for each day.

Expedition Australia is an impressive 103 pages of goodies!  The topics include geography lesson on Australia and some of its special places, animals found on the continent, some history, some science (temperatures and astronomy), and cultural studies.

About 5 books are recommended per day and luckily my library had most of the books.  However, there are also plenty of links within the e-book for supplemental activities, like coloring pages and YouTube videos.  My dd and I were able to get through many of the activities this week, but I would have liked to have done more.  I think the next time around (and I do plan on using this again) we will try some of the recipes, make a salt dough map of the continent, and try throwing a boomerang.

This product is marketed for K-4th and I think that age range is about right.  It would be quite easy to go more in depth with an older child while helping a younger one complete many of the activities.  At $7.95 this is certainly a worthwhile resource to have at your disposal.

Pros: lapbooking included, book availability, depth and range of study, great geography unit study
Cons: may be overwhelmed with the number of choices


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