Wordly Wise 3000 – K level

I was hoping to save the voacbulary program Wordly Wise for later in the year.  However, my dd found it and thought that it looked like fun.  I explained that it was to help her learn more words and that we would use it later.  She promptly replied that she needed more words Now! 

So, we opened everything up and started on the first lesson.  According to the Teacher’s Manual (TM) you are supposed to take 6 days (spread out over 2 weeks) to cover this lesson.  On day 1 you introduce the story, talk about the first 5 words, and then read the story.  Day 2 includes rereading the story, reviewing the words, and doing some activities in the student book.  Day 3 is a poem and some other enrichment activities.  The second week essentially follows the same pattern using the remaining 5 words for that lesson (total of 10 words for each lesson).

I retrieved the first 5 picture/vocab cards and we went over what the words meant.  Then, I read the story to her and every time I read one of the words that we had talked about I had her find the corresponding card.  She did very well with this, but we will see if she enjoys hearing the same story again with the remaining 5 words.  I believe that in a homeschool setting it will be quite easy to cover a lesson in one week – two weeks per lesson just seems like overkill to me.

I think that if your children are rather language oriented, then they will have no problem using this level in preK.  The first 10 words are muddy, soil, join, ring, slip, stare, row, dew, strong, and fluffy. 


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