Stars – Week 7

So, my dd loves stars.  We haven’t quite finished the week, but we have read most of the books that I checked out for this theme.  Here they are:

First Space Encyclopedia by Caroline Bingham – wonderful pictures, of course (it’s a DK book)
Las Estrellas by Thomas Adamson – our en espanol read aloud (I’m trying to do this more often)
Star Shapes by Peter Malone – gorgeous book that describes several constellations
Stars by Robin Birch
My House of Stars by Megan Mcdonald – this could easily be used as a geography read aloud, but not so interesting for the younger crowd

I am still planning on doing the suggested fine motor skills activity which is simply putting those gold and silver star stickers on a piece of black construction paper.  That should be super simple and fun for my dd.  I just need to remember to go and buy those stickers.  I think that we may also make star shaped cookies tomorrow that are green (St. Patrick’s Day and Stars combo).


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