Preschool Science

I was looking around the Delta Education website and I fell in love with their preK discovery kits.  However, the sticker shock ($75 per kit) is preventing me from buying these.  If I really felt like they would be worth it, then there would be no problem.  In my eyes, though, I would only pay about $30 for each kit.  That is too much of a difference for me to reconcile.  So, I am now going to try to put together my own science in a shoebox kits for my dd.

First up, insects and spiders.  My goals are for her to know the body parts, understand life cycles, and have an idea as to why we need insects and spiders in our lives. 

We already have the Ant Hill and are currently waiting on our ants to arrive.  I have been checking out books and other activities on Amazon and the following look good enough to follow up on:
Safari Insect Toob – this contains rather realistic looking specimens
Ladybug Land – depending on how Ant Hill works out, we may follow up with Ladybug Land
Simon & Schuster Children’s Guide to Insects and Spiders
Bugs Are Insects
Are You a Spider?
Spinning Spiders
Florida’s Fabulous Spiders – we stumbled upon this book in the library one day and I know that my dd loves it for the wonderful pictures


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