Firefighter Unit Study

I am finally getting a chance to review one of the free products I received as part of my “tryout” for the Homeschool Crew.  I didn’t know this, but The Old Schoolhouse Magazine has an online store with many different  products available. 

When I grow up, I want to be…A Firefighter is one unit study in a series that looks at various careers (others include vet, chef, doctor, police, farmer, pilot, artist, military, and missionary) that your may interest your dc.  I was able to easily download my copy of this e-book and I was initially impressed by the 82 pages!  However, after perusing this product for a few minutes, I realized that quite a few pages are taken up by word searches, crossword puzzles, copywork, and other activites.
According to the authors this study is targeted to children ages 4-10., but I think that they were being rather generous on the low end of this scale.  Most of the information is aimed at older children (there was quite a large section on robotic arms) and it appears that the authors decided to throw in a few coloring pages for the younger children. 

I found the beginning of this unit study to be fascinating.  There is lots of information included on the history of firefighting, life as a firefighter, and what it takes to become a firefighter.  I did have to summarize the most interesting points for my dd though since it is aimed at an older student.  The second half of this unit study I did not have much use for: a firefighter quiz, robots and robotic arms, math, vocab, word search, crossword, copywork, and handwriting practice.  There were a few unit activities suggestions that were cute that I probably would not have thought about. 

For my use, this product is a bit overpriced ($8.95).  A few books on firefighting and a couple of coloring pages would have accomplished about the same for my family as this unit study.  I think that if it were on sale and you have older children, then this might be a good choice for your family.

Pros: Lots of information, plenty of suggested activities
Cons: Geared towards older children, activities take up approximately half of the product, price
Verdict: if it’s on sale and you have a range of children that want to learn more about firefighting, get it!


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