I started doing the Preparatory Curriculum at Brightly Beaming Resources with my dd. I thought that this would be a great way to expose her to some books/topics that I may not have picked myself.

Week 1:cows
Books we checked out from our library:
Cow by Malachy Doyle
Kiss the cow by Phyllis Root – this is a really cute story
Cows by Lynn M. Stone
Milk from cow to carton by Aliki
It’s a cow’s life : great story & cool facts by Laurence Gillot – story was entertaining

My dd actually loves the nonfiction books just as well as the story books. I thought that they might be too boring for her, but she enjoys the realistic pictures. The other night she surprised my dh by telling him that cows have four stomachs!

I hope to put up a picture soon of the mini lapbook we made for the week’s topics.


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